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How Much Does AWS Training Cost?

Remote and hybrid jobs have been the current norm in the job market. And it is the cloud computing services that have been working as the backbone, aiding in data storage and accessibility. You might have noticed that even high grades in IT degrees might not magically place you in a reputed company. The current employment scenario seeks skilled professionals with hands-on experience in a particular segment. And cloud services certificates top the list of high-paying certifications.

AWS training courses can prepare you to gain your cloud certificate. The most helpful fact is that anyone can get certified in the AWS cloud, regardless of whether you have an IT background or not. The AWS certificate will be your gateway to a bright career in cloud computing. It is one of the top cloud computing service providers with its steady launch of new services.

Types of AWS Training

Even though cloud computing was launched in the late 1990s with the launch of Salesforce in 1999, it started gaining popularity with AWS and Google Docs in 2006. The recent surge in cloud computing can be attributed to the remote working and start-up culture. Whether server maintenance or IT architecture, everything has moved from the physical bases to the online cloud. Being a recently introduced technology, with constant upgrades taking place, there is a dire need for masterminds who can work on these to make maximum use of the service to benefit the companies.

So, the question arises, how are these skilled cloud computing professionals created? The graduation courses do not teach the students about the nuances of cloud computing. The maximum they might do is the basics or cloud-based projects. AWS training courses equip the candidates with the much-required knowledge about the AWS systems and their operation. The modes of AWS training can be widely classified into 3.

  1. Classroom Training

In the post-pandemic scenario, things are returning to normal, and so is the physical classroom training. Some of us have been seasoned in taking classes on classroom benches. You can take in-person training from reputed training centers in your locality.

  1. Online Training

When significant businesses and offices are going online, then why not training centers? Anyone can join AWS online certification courses regardless of their location and take the tutoring from the comfort of their home. There are recorded class providers like Udemy and YouTube. Companies like saasguru provide guided classes with one-on-one AWS training.

You can also download their AWS Training App for Android / AWS Training App for iOS and get certification-ready within just 2 weeks – Set Goal, Get an AI-Powered Personalized Plan, Track Your Cert Readiness, and much more.

  1. Free Online Resources

The free resources AWS provides can help you prepare for the AWS certification exam if you have basic knowledge about cloud platforms. Study resources can be found on AWS for specific certification exams. The learning module consists of video courses and notes. White papers, blogs, articles, and Free YouTube videos will also help with AWS training without any attached costs.

  1. AWS Free Tier

While signing up at AWS, you get free tier access for 12 months. You can make the most of these 12 months by gaining hands-on experience on the platform.

Prominent Benefits of AWS Guided Training

AWS services are being availed by businesses big and small due to their ease of usage and scalability. People turn to AWS training courses not just to find a job but even to implement AWS to promote their business.

1) Cloud computing has several terms, programs, and applications that might be new even to a techie. With a tutor-guided course module, the learning path will ensure that you clearly understand the basic terminologies and foundational information.

2) Very few people are self-motivated to stick to a study plan without an external push. With a training course, there are daily classes and assignments to be completed within the confined time, ensuring that you become prepared to attend the exam on the scheduled date.

3) It is not recommended to prepare for the AWS certification exams using exam dumps. The exam questions are predominantly application-level questions that require solving real cloud computing situations. Experts craft the questions. Thus, it is improbable that previous questions are repeated.

4) After passing the examination, you must go through several interviews to land a job. The training courses, by teaching the basics, will prepare you for the interview also.

5) Most of the guided digital AWS courses will provide placement assistance. They will also help you in your job search by helping you prepare your CV and guiding you with the job portals.

How much does AWS Training Cost?

As mentioned earlier, you can always prepare for your AWS certification exam from the free AWS resources available on the AWS website, free online courses, documentation, blogs, articles, and videos. But with the constant competition in the online courses market, you can find AWS training courses at very affordable pricing.

With physical classroom training, these courses would have cost a fortune. AWS certification preparation training can be found ranging from 25$ to 40$ according to the program you choose. Unlike in-person training classes, online courses have no travel or accommodation expenses. All you need is internet connectivity and the dedication to learn. Other than the cost of the training modules, there are also practice exams available at almost the same amount or for free.

AWS certification exams are priced at 100 USD for the foundational level Cloud Practitioner Exam, 150 USD for Associate Exams, and 300 USD for Professional and Specialization exams. When you have to spend a good amount to attempt the exams, it is recommended that you spend a few pennies on the training courses to pass the exam on the first attempt.

If you fail an exam, you can retake the exam after 14 days. You can reattempt any number of times, but you have to pay the full exam fee each time. So that gives you a solid reason to learn well to pass the exam on the first try.

How to Find a Good AWS Training Course?

Running a simple Google Search will yield several pages of results for online AWS training providers. With this comes the dilemma of choosing the best online training course. Here is a list of features you can look for in the training providers.

1) Study Plan

Comparing the study plan with the AWS official syllabus will help you evaluate if all the course domains are covered. Training courses with a well-defined and systematic plan will benefit your preparation.

2) Mock Exam

Practice papers and mock exams are crucial elements in your AWS exam prep. Some provide free mock exams, while others offer mock exam bundles at affordable pricing. Make sure that you check both options. These simulation exams also help to give an authentic experience of attempting the exam, understanding the exam pattern, and planning time management.

3) Live Classes

Live interactions with mentors and industry experts will give physical classroom experience. You can clear doubts and gain more comprehensive knowledge through such interactive sessions.

4) Hands-on Training

Definitions and direct questions cover only a tiny part of the AWS syllabus. Most of the questions are real-world problems that an AWS professional faces on the platform. To solve such queries within a limited time, the candidate should have extensive experience working in virtual labs.

5) Free Trial and Money Back Guarantee

With many options available for digital learning, a free trial can prove helpful in shortlisting. You get to understand the training system and access its features.

6) AWS Community

A community and peer learning system will improve your competitiveness and help in knowledge exchange. You can get great connections, references, and answers to all your AWS-related queries from a good community.

7) Online Reviews

Look with a keen eye when surfing through online reviews and testimonials. There might be genuine and fake ones. Check for reviews on social media platforms like LinkedIn. This will help you find real people’s reviews.

A Little Investment for a Brighter Future

There is an intense debate in the employment scenario regarding the relevance of certifications. But, despite that, AWS certificates fulfill the targeted goal of producing candidates verified as eligible to operate on the AWS systems. Businesses that depend on AWS have wholeheartedly accepted AWS training and certifications. Reports point toward the increased salaries and demand for AWS-certified professionals. The average salary drawn by an AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate is $159K.

There are several free online courses, but with AWS cert exams, you have to be time bound to finish the learning in the definitive time. AWS training course is not the final word in your exam preparation plan. You should be able to invest enough time in mock exams, hands-on experience, white papers, etc. Even if the course may be free, your time for exam preparation is precious. Make sure you spend your time and money on a worthy AWS training plan.

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